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Job Creation

Insert stuff about the sponsorship of work days to repair schools etc.

If you have a job creation idea, please make a suggestion via email


Make South Africa Work

The campaign makes it easy for you to create a days work. Contribute R190 and we will hire a member to do one the projects we have on the go or in the pipeline. Make a donation directly into our account or sign up with one of our fundraising partners for this program.

Given Gain or Global Giving

Give a DDIY voucher *

1. Pay any amount (from R190 up) into our Standard Bank Current Account, number: 0709 56383, Thibault Square Branch, Code: 051001. Reference: DDIY followed by your cell number (eg: DDIY0834501234)

2. Email your name and cell number, the amount you have paid and the recipient/s name/s and their cell numbers and email addresses, plus any message you'd like to add for them.

3. We'll then email them with the voucher/s and message from you (with a copy to you) and invite them to call or email us to book a FUNDI with the skills sets that they require.

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* Don't do it yourself!

Special projects

In 2010 CAPE TOWN TJOMMIES formed part of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Services Strategy. The project incorporated a 2010 specific component as well as Visitor Safety programme. The Tjommies were highly visible in branded uniforms they were instantly recognizable as "tourist friendly", approachable and knowledgeable. It was envisioned that the Cape Town Tjommies programme would eventualy become a sustainable and permanent part of Cape Town's Visitor Services Platform.

The program was an entry level opportunity for unemployed men and women to gain entry into a growth industry adding to the objectives of Fundi, Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town. Mobility within the programme was a positive by-product, as a pool of skilled and experienced people were available for further training and recruitment into the formal tourism sector.

Unfortunately the project was unable to secure ongoing support from the City of Cape Town or the tourism industry in the City as a whole.

CYCLECABS (PTY) LTD (established in December 2008) provided non motorised transport for tourists and locals in Central Cape Town and surrounds. The Business Plan was developed by several Cape Town entrepreneurs along with support from three influential institutions, namely Fundi, the St Patrick's Trust (SPT) of Eurocape Holdings and the Bicycling Empowerment Network(BEN).

Contact information

Call 086 11 38634 during office hours


email: info

Head office:

Shop 81, Camp Ground centre
65-101 Klipfontein Rd,
Cape Town

Street view Fundi HQ

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