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Soft skills training

TrainingLong term job success is 75% dependent on people skills and only 25% dependent on technical skills. Yet while much focus is placed on skills development, little is placed on interpersonal skills like the ability to negotiate, resolve conflict and written or verbal communication skills.

In response, Fundi commissioned a soft skills role play training program which addresses key challenges faced by members. The role plays take place in small groups informally on the side of the road, at work or in structured training sessions.

The simulation style game enables all participants to interact with specific customer issues where teams and individuals get the chance to debate and discuss the impacts of their actions and activities on clients inside the work environment. The aim of the program is to enhance the abilities of participants to effectively engage with their customers.

TrainingTechnical skills training

FUNDI works with accredited training service providers to train members in the areas identified by the South African Governments National Scarce Skills list taking into consideration the educational level of our members.

Members that receive training are placed in work opportunities ensuring that the impact of training is maximised and members lives are substantially improved. Preference for training is given to members that score highest on the work ethic rating by employers.

To enable members to focus on the training FUNDI pays members a daily stipend, transport and meal costs for the duration of the training course.

If you would like to sponsor training, please make a suggestion via email.

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